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Welcome to Go bare fitness, Shawnte Satinover's website, where you can book classes and make purchases of her workout gear. 


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Shawnte’s classes are amazing and her positive energy is contagious. I’m able to conquer workouts like never before. I feel stronger every week and look forward to each class because we never do the same thing - the workouts are ever changing. The space is warm and welcoming. Shawnte is a total inspiration - and we always have fun!

Go Bare fitness is fantastic! If you want to increase your strength, stamina and fitness level Go Bare is the place. Shawnte’s workouts are never the same and really challenge you. Taking your mind and body to the next level, isn’t easy.. but if it was, it wouldn’t be worth it. The studio is clean, beautiful and I look forward to every session - be it Strength, Barre or TRX.
I was first inspired by Shawnte’s Instagram account. She is always posting motivational
anecdotes, yummy healthy recipes and inspiring exercise routines. After watching one of her videos and talking to a friend, I finally reached out and signed myself up. From day one, Shawnte has been by my side. It’s been so much more than just an exercise class a few times a week. She has given me the tools to get healthy and fit. She has done everything from suggesting a nutritionist, to texting me throughout the day to make sure I was staying motivated and being accountable for my food choices. This personal touch is not unique to me. In class, it’s obvious that Shawnte has this personal relationship with
all of her clients. I’ve taken her TRX class, barre classes and even do weekly one-on-one training with her. Even though I was an avid spinner, I was clearly not getting the whole body exercise I needed. I had very little upper body or core strength. Shawnte’s classes leave me feeling stronger than any other class I’ve ever taken. She plays fun music, changes up the exercises, and really pays attention to form to make sure I’m working out the right body part. I’m so impressed with Shawnte and I always look forward to her ass- kicking workouts. Thank you Shawnte!!

Go Bare Fitness is by far my favorite workout in LA! Shawnte approaches each class with infectious enthusiasm and her encouragement keeps me focused and determined. She has the ability to make even the most challenging workouts fun. And the best thing all - I’ve seen great results!
I started working out with Shawnte in September of 2015. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I already had an intense workout program: spinning 4 to 5 times a week and working out with a trainer. But I’m excited to say that my body has completely changed! I take the go bare class twice a week and TRX once a week. The changes must have been noticeable to people other than my husband because I began to meet people who wanted to know what I was doing differently. I love the classes and I’m inspired daily by the women who are there with me! I also love the recipe and meal prep ideas. I used to get headaches in the afternoon, because I wouldn’t have eaten properly throughout the day. But now that I know how to prepare my meals for the week, my headaches are gone! Go Bare has literally changed my life. Love!