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It's Friday!

shawnte satinover

Happy Friday!!!  It's been almost two weeks since my first workout after taking off almost 10 days over the holiday break.  I won't lie...just this week I finally feel like I'm back in control of my body! Not just my body but also my habits. Eating is back on track.  Workouts are sweaty and productive just as they should be.  Be patient with your body when you're coming back after time off.  Be patient with yourself as you're trying new things.  Be open minded  as small changes in your habits become the new normal for you! 

Geraldine Chinen

How to make a delicious and healthy meal

Geraldine Chinen

Boring? Maybe. Do I wish there was some pasta or #pizza on my plate? Maybe. Is this #dinner of grilled #salmon and #veggies full of#nutrition that my body thrives on? #YES. It’s been quite a lesson learning that as we get older we can’t simply enjoy every meal of the day every day and expect our bodies not to #change!! Working out is great for a million reasons…but what it all boils down to is what are we putting in our bodies?! Think #fuel. And a little #treat here and there cuz life is too short to cut out completely some of the small#indulgences that bring us #happiness!!! – See more at: